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On May 14, we had a school trip to the European Tale Center in Pacanów. The first stop on the way to Pacanów was Bodzentyn – the village of Kapkazy. When they arrived, the students were impressed by the landscape. You do not need to describe the beauty of this land, everything looks as if time has stopped. At the beginning, the students went to the „Sensitivity School” workshops. Children in the thickest of grass were looking for „something healthy”, were tasting tea, were baking home-made „crumbs” and were making clay using different techniques.
After finishing the workshop, the trip set off for Pacanów. After reaching the place, the children went to dinner and then met Koziołek Matołek at the European Tale Center. There, the students were taken on a journey through fairy-tale lands, full of images, sounds, surprises. Everyone was having a great time.