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I have a sweet!
What do ghosts serve for dessert?
I scream!
We were so excited and thrilled to be celebrating Halloween on October 31st.
All pupils entered the school disguised as ghosts, witches, princes, knights, cats, bats, pumpkins, queens and scarecrows.
They couldn’t wait to show off their costumes and make-ups, start trick-or-treating, take part in the arts and crafting part of the day
Precious parents/guardians (mums and dads, even grandmas) prepared spectacular Halloween decorated desserts, muffins, cakes, which made everyone’s eyes pop out in astonishment!!!They’ve definitely showed off their OUTSTANDING baking skills!
There is no happier sound than that of children chomping down tasty chunks of homemade healthy cakes.
Moreover no Halloween party is complete without the grande finale: the real deal trick-or-treating and goodie bags!!! All pupils rushed for candies and later on, in excitement swapped Mim’s Vitamins, Skittles, Dumle and jellybeans.

There was no moment of dullness, no food wasted, no hungry tummies and no sad faces