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A secret message
During the classes kids prepared a secret message. The message was intended to be sent to somebody they like very much. They also had to make sure that nobody would see the message.
To make this experiment children got a piece of paper and some milk which served as “invisible ink”. After we had evaporated water our drawings stayed on paper yet were invisible thanks to fat from milk. The only way to decode the message was to use some graphite powder.
Learning shouldn’t be consider as a mundane activity only with the book.
According to Confucius
Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I may remember
Involve me and I will learn

During the second part of the classes kids were talking about their memories from the winter holidays. Then they were experimenting with water.
Although winter isn’t always the way we expect it to be, we like this season for snowy weather. Using the knowledge of snow we conducted few experiments connected with the phenomenon of absorption. Children were provided with the basic knowledge and were able to do the experiments.
Students were folding kitchen paper into triangles and then putting them into cups with coloured water. In the end they make colourful art projects.