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Who run the World? Girls! Girls!

Today the students celebrated 8 March, which is International Women’s Day.

Today gave us an opportunity to memorlalize the impressive achievements of brave women, back in 1908 in New York.

Today equality and the importance of women in our lives was highlighted.

A short play with Mr. Hebda and Mrs. Rogala stressed the contrast between today’s reality and the past. The play consisted of two parts, in the first Mr. Hebda played a role of a wicked man bitterly mocking a curious and compassionate woman. While the second part presented equality and support within a man-woman relationship.

The boys learnt a joyful poem with their fathers at home to stand in front of all girls to recite it; wearing a glitter bow-tie and elegant jackets! What chivalry! Each woman ( those little ones and the adult ones) was given a rose, wish card and a lovely, cheerful smile.

Nevertheless, there also was a treat! A sweet treat! Life would be miserable without a little bit of sweetness, wouldn’t it? Therefore, tables were full of tasty, fruity, colourful jellies, fruits, nuts, raisins and juices, vitamins and minerals! All to nourish our moods. What a wonderful day it was, indeed!