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On 6th April we organized First Athletics Championships in our school. We’ve all enjoyed our indoor athletics. Our pupils were taking part in long jumps and they were jumping for joy. They did it like a pro! Take a peek and see how focused they were.

On the same day a professional fencer and fencing coach visited us to demonstrate what this sport is all about. It was their first experience with fencing🤺and they’ve greatly enjoyed it. While some children were playing with „rapier styled” swords and balloons the other trained shooting with a coach. The teachers participated and made the time merrier. Physical activities and sports is an essential part of children’s everyday lives. We’ve provided an opportunity for them to stay active. Through our 1st championships ( including different sport disciplines) we’ve initiated relationships between children and physical activity based on fun and personal achievement.

Our pupils demonstrated their sport spirit, strong will, strength and motivation. They’ve ran 3 laps around the school gym, almost as fast as „the speed of light” before huffing and puffing to a halt. They were so determined to complete, nobody dared to stop, complain…there was no reason to! It was all so jolly!