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„Chess is the classic game that develops spatial thinking and strategies and builds concentration. Chess is the most popular game in the world with over 605 million players worldwide. Chess is a fun and exciting game with benefits that go far beyond the board itself. Chess is one of the oldest and most challenging games. It can provide important foundations for all aspects of a child’s life.
Chess players are great thinkers. The strategy and understanding that children learn from chess allows them to have higher intellect, improve self-esteem, and concentration. Chess helps them make better decisions in all aspects of their life and, most importantly, children have fun while learning.
In SP1 chess are taught by a certified chess instructor – Michał Nowotnik. He has experience inteaching in Irish primary schools and is also a chess instructor in Radom in Kuźnia Artystyczna on Daszyńskiego 5 Street. He cooperates with Polish Chess Association (Polski Związek Szachowy) and is involved in the “Edukacja przez Szachy w Szkole” project”
During chess classes, which are mostly in English, we follow through the basic course. I teach how to move with each of chess piece’s. We practice by making simple exercises, and then few more advanced ones. I explain the main chess ideas like: check, check-mate, promotion, castling, stalemate. The course includes many fun games connected with chess and chess pieces, like: chess bowling, chess charades and multimedia presentations from chess.kid portal.