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  • The school implements the core curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education
  • In the first stage of pupils’ education, our teaching is based on curriculum by Jadwiga Hanisz and Antoni Juszkiewicz.
  • We follow the ethos of the „Awakened School” with the forerunner of this new and student-friendly teaching methodology – Dr Marzena Żylińska,
  • We teach using the method of total immersion; teachers and students communicate in English. We offer 12 hours of English language learning weekly (including 5 hours with a native speaker).
  • We offer compensatory and developing support classes according to specific students’ needs.
  • We communicate with students in English daily.
  • We offer optimal physical development; we have a modern sports hall and school playground, and run classes at the pool.
  • We teaching using the latest IT technology, that each classroom is fully equipment in, so pupils can use these tools to enrich and diversify their learning.
  • We have professionally equipped Science – Multimedia laboratory.
  • Teaching is based on universal values; respect, tolerance, lawfulness, patriotism, and solidarity.
  • We co-operate with parents professionally in relationships based on trust and openness.
  • We offer extra-curricular activities.