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Admission rules

1. Parents of candidates consist the application form at the school office or send the application form available on the school website.
2. The school Director meets and interviews with the parents.
3. Director organizes workshops where the child meets with the school psychologist and the teacher. The purpose of meeting is to define the level of acquired by him the skills.
4. The parents provide the school a written opinion prepared by the kindergarten where the child realized yearly pre-school preparation.
5. The final decision to qualify a child to school belongs to Director.
6. Priority acceptable candidate to the School are children of “Słoneczko” kindergartens and their brothers and sisters.
7. The school reserves the right to not accept a candidate who will not be able to meet the conditions necessary for the carry out the educational process.
8. Record the child to the school takes place after the signing the contract and paying the registration fee.
9. The candidate acquires the student’s rights at the time it is entered into the book of students.