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Admission rules

  1. Parents of the candidates should submit the Application Form at the school’s office.
  2. The Principal holds a meeting with the candidate’s parents
  3. Candidates for the first grade are required to present information about school readiness prepared by the institution in which the child attended pre-school. Parents of candidates for higher grades are required to present a school certificate of completion of the previous class.
  4. Before admission, the candidate is required to attend school classes for one week. This is to check the level of individual skills and predispositions. The candidate’s participation in these classes is obligatory unless the Principal decides otherwise.
  5. The Principal decides about the acceptance of a candidate.
  6. The school reserves the right not to accept a candidate.
  7. The admission of a child to school takes place after:
  • Submission of the Application Form,
  • Presentation of the child’s school readiness from pre-school, or the certificate of completion of the previous class,
  • Payment of the entry fee,
  • Participation of the candidate in a week’s trial lessons organised by the school.
  1. The candidate becomes a student of our school after his/her name is entered in the Students Registry Book.