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Our 3rd Grade students gained very good scores – 94,5% in Ogólnopolski Sprawdzian Kompetencji Trzecioklasisty (publ. OPERON)

One of the 1st grade students was on the 3rd place in the english language contest. We are also proud of our three Laureates.

Ogólnopolski Konkurs Przedmiotowy „Leon” 2019 Winter Session results:

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – 100% – 1st place – first-grade pupil, 6 laureates are pupils from grade 1-3

ENGLISH LANGUAGE – 100% – 1st place and 2nd place – both are first-grade pupils, 3 laureates on places 4-5

Ogólnopolski Konkurs Przedmiotowy „Leon” 2019 Spring Session results:

ENGLISH LANGUAGE – ex aequo 2 2nd places,  3rd place, 3 laureates on places 3-9

MATH – 5 laureates, 2 qualified to the first eight.