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Awakened School

Bilingual Primary School is the first and only institution in Radom belonging to the Awaking Schools Movement. We have earned our belonging to this noble group due to a modern approach to education, the use of teaching methods consistent with neurodidactic knowledge and an innovative approach to assessing student’s achievements.

What is Awaking School Movement?
The Awaking School Movement has existed in Poland for several years. The leader of the movement is dr Marzena Żylińska – the author of numerous publications on mathematics and neurodidactics, promoting brain-friendly learning. The author believes that today school should be reinvented. Times have changed, the world is moving forward, and schools are still at the same place as they were years ago. Although the facilities are provided with technical innovations, the foundation does not change much . Education is a cliche, in which the teacher transmits knowledge and the student is a passive recipient. Marzena Żylińka believes that one should move from a culture of teaching to a culture of learning.
To better understand the idea of Waking Schools, it is worth listening to the speech of dr Marzena Żylińska:


The leader of the movement emphasizes the importance of changing the approach to education. Existing learning methods are not conducive to remembering and acquiring knowledge. By making the task easier for students, reporting and offering ready-made solutions, we only make it difficult for them. „How the brain learns” – this is another important message from Marzena Żylińska worth listening to:

What makes us stand out?
The values that guide us are: RESPONSIBILITY, INDEPENDENCE, COOPERATION AND REFLECTION. Those foundational values taken from the Dalton Plan are our main assumptions. We’ve also enriched them with other words that characterize our approach to education: PASSION, KNOWLEDGE, JOY, CREATIVITY, DISCOVERING, SUCCESS, ENTHUSIASM, SMILE, MISSION, COMMITMENT, WARM.
What distinguishes us and what is part of the Awakening School Movement is that we have changed school culture from that based on the transfer of knowledge to one that develops the student’s potential, that is from teaching to learning. This does not mean that we reject traditional teaching methods – we use both proven practices and the latest discoveries in the field of education.
We know how important language learning is – we conduct lessons in both English and Polish and we run a bilingual common room. We promote an individual approach to the student, while teaching children teamwork and problem solving.

Learning through action, experiments, independent learning – is in our opinion the key to education. Students develop creativity while enjoying it. We prepare our pupils for life in adulthood, which is why we teach independence, responsibility and cooperation, as well as respect for other people, self-esteem.

In our school, desks are arranged in a semicircle. Students see their faces, can communicate and support in learning. We work not only at tables, but also on the carpet, in the open air, on a school football pitch. Classes are small (up to 16 people) so that the teacher can focus on each student.
We use modern tools and materials, we teach how to use them in the right way.
We make sure that the offer of additional activities is rich – we organize activities such as: science, programming, film club, dances, cooking, theater, art, karate, football, editorial and media afternoon classes. We organize Summer School and Winter School.
Our facility is friendly to students and teachers. It promotes their development, discovers individual talents and passions. It gives a sense of security and community.
We want to develop in our students an internal motivation to learn, because as you know, the external one is short-lived and diminishes quickly. Assessment of student progress is based on reliable feedback to the student and parent. We indicate what the student is doing well, what he must work on and how he should do it.
The teaching staff is constantly developing to be even better guides in the path of education of the young generation. We participate in numerous trainings and workshops that teach us the best and most effective methods of developing the potential of students. There is no „boredom” in our lessons. Hence, numerous projects and interesting ideas for implementing topics.
We also make sure that the environment where we study puts the acquisition of knowledge in the first place. The equipment of the rooms, the arrangement of tables and chairs, space, brightness and cleanliness – nothing happens to be here by accident. School is a place where you simply have a good time, where you cannot only focus on work, but also relax during breaks, make friends, talk.

Current news
Our priority is the implementation of the School Assessment System we have created. We read, talked and participated in training about school achievements assessment. We offered our students and parents a system based on reliable and clear information about the student’s progress. Conversation and feedback are at the core of our current assessment.
What is more, assessment of behavior is also extremely important. We believe that the student’s self-assessment plays an important role. Compliance with the standards adopted by the school is verified not only by teachers, but also by children themselves. The prepared Assessment Sheet for student behavior and the Circle of Thoughts will help students develop the right attitudes and behaviors.
Bearing in mind the experience form the last year, we want to focus on ensuring that third graders enter the next stage of education gently and without stress. So in the second semester the present third graders will meet their future teachers, find out what awaits them next year.
We have started the construction of the extension of our school facilities. New spacious rooms and classrooms will be built.
From the very beginning of our school, modernity, cleanliness, brightness and space – these are the words that characterize the interior of our school. We want it to stay that way to the advantage of the whole school community.
We are developing, participating in conferences and training sessions on the best methods of working with children – to provide our students with the most effective tools.