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Information about us

Private Bilingual Primary School No. 1 in Radom was created specifically to deliver a joyful and friendly teaching and learning environment . The school is located in a beautiful, modern building, which meets all of students’ requirements. Bright, spacious classrooms are designed for a maximum of 16 children.
Our doors are open to everyone who wants their children to develop in such a way that learning is a pleasure and brings joy and satisfaction.
We want our students to be creative in thinking, creative in action, and open to the changing reality.

Our school supports the development of each and every pupil that is curious and inquisitive about the world, open to the „new”, resourceful, and inventive. We help them to do their best to develop and fulfil their potential alongside their classmates. For this reason, we attach great importance to the emotional and intellectual development of the pupils from the very beginning, to strengthen awareness of health and physical fitness, as well as to develop an innate drive to constantly develop their skills and discover „new” talents.

In 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade, we do not expect our pupils to remain seated for 45 minutes. Instead, we provide them with brain breaks in the middle of the lessons, involving whole body movement. This way, stress is reduced.

The school’s strength is the respect that is shown to each pupil, strengthening their independence. We allow children to be children; have fun, and develop their relationships alongside their social skills. Additionally, we strive to extend pupils’ learning possibilities beyond class time, offering a variety of additional classes, empowering students with the choice of which they attend.